So this morning going to school I heard the funniest thing on the radio.

There was this blind guy and he heard somebody break into his house and he walked into him and just started to beat the crap out of him. The blind dude was beating the lights out of the robber. And the blind guy was dragging him around the house searching for the phone, and every so often punching him again.

He finally got the phone and attempted to dial 911. He said that he tried to dial it at least 30 times. Like every time he dialed, he said he punched him just to make sure. Then he said that the robber said "ill dial 911 for you if you promise not to kill me".

So then, the police arrive 30 minutes later(yeah, it took about 30 minutes to dial 911) and the blindman said: "Well, i tried to knock him out until you guys came, but i wasnt sure if he was knocked out, so i punched every few minutes."

The blind dudes hands were all screwed up from all the times he missed when he was punching.

I thought that this was the funniest thing i ever heard. Its a true story as well. Im not sure where it happened. Im sure if i search the net i could find out.

But yeah, discuss?..i dont know, it was just too funny to keep to myself
Snaps for the blind guy! Very nice effort there. And that robber must have been REALLY embarrassed losing to a blind guy...
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nachocheeez, that was awesome.
Thats what underestimating someone will do to you. To be specific, it will beat you, drag you around and torture you into dialing 911 to secure your own arrest.

So don't underestimate.
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This reminds me of a guy who tried to rape an 80 year old lady and the guy got his ass kicked.
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... This is what we need. Old blind guy wrestling championships... Imagine the profits!!! I'm in with whoever will go into the market with me!
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