Well, Ive been playing for almost two years and im pretty good. Ive mainly just been playing songs by my favourite bands, I tried writing my own stuff but it just turned out crap. I know theory would help improve songwriting but im not sure how i go about it. By that i mean, could i learn it by myself or i would i need someone to teach me? And could you please suggest some technique videos or something to improve speed and what not thanks.
The best way to improve speed is to use a metronome. Start off had a speed you can handle, perfect it, then raise the tempo.

To write your own stuff, I don't really no how to help. I just use scales or songs that sound good to me and improvise off them.
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You don't need theory to write songs really.

Just get a tape recorder or something - pick up your guitar - jam and mess around.

After your done, replay what you've recorded and if you hear anything that sounds cool, tab it out on something like GP5 or Power Tab Editor and develop it from there.

You could learn theory by yourself...use the internet, books etc.
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^ You at least need basic theory to write properley, let alone to make it easier for yourself; jamming and noodling can end up with you writing some cool stuff, but knwoing what would work with what may help you make something even MORE cooler


This series is a pretty well written set of articles and i find it very well explained

Also, aye on the metronome, mastering rhythm really helps to contrust and phrase lines etc