I just bought a mic and I have been recording into my recording. I have had trouble recently coming up with new chord progressions.

all that sounds good to me right now is C G Am F....I usually then just record a solo over it.

Could someone give me some new fun progressions to solo over? thanks for the help
you should go to the lessons section and read up on some chord theory so you can figure them out yourself anytime you want
try different tunings. drop D is super easy, and lends itself to some sweet sounding stuff.
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Am G F (Bar chords from the outro of Stairway to Heaven)
G Dsus2 Em C (from Be Like That)
G D C (Power chords...found in alot of songs, can move it to F C A# and that's Baba O'Reilly)
Just experiment and you'll find piles of stuff.
Take progressions in songs, like the one in November Rain or Sweet Child (first ones to come to mind) and solo over those. Try different tempos, strum patterns, time signatures, etc.
Thanks everyone, specifically mattvl. I was actually wondering exact progressions.