My questions are three fold.

1. What do you guys think is the best EQ plugin? Right now I'm working with Classic EQ. I'm looking for something powerful and versatile but I know my options are limited.

2. On sites like KVR audio, it gives you a preview of what the plugin looks like; the graphics, as it were. But on my computer all it shows for graphics is a gray box w/ sliders and names. How do I get the graphics? The menus are much easier to navigate that way.

3. I'm looking to upgrade from Audacity. Since I don't have a dedicated Pro Tools system, what would a good second choice be? I'm willing to pay for quality. Being able to record drums on separate tracks is a top request in a new program.

Thanks for all the help!
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1. When upgrading from audacity you probably won't need an EQ plugin.

2. Don't really know what you mean.

3. How much are you looking to spend? Cubase 4 is great, though you can get a scaled down version - studio4 for about 1/3 of the price. Whether you can record drums to seperate tracks relies on your interface/soundcard, not the program you're using. You need to have at least 5/6 tinputs to your PC for recording drums. 4 at a push.

Also, what spec is your PC (presuming you're on a PC not a Mac
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To get your head round the basics of multitracking, try 'Reaper' which is free (totally unrestricted, though there's an 'honesty' policy to register it if you like the program).

Sonar and Cubase are good DAW programs since they've all the features most people need, but have a simpler learning curve than some of the alternatives.

As for the 'grey box' problem, I'm guessing Audacity can't handle the VST properly. But yeah, there's so many freeware EQs out there I suggest you just search the major plugin sites and try everything that takes your fancy.
Where would be a good place to shop for soundcards for recording music like this? Also, what would you say the heirarchy of recording progrgams is? I would assume Pro Tools would be on top, what's next?
...because the last thing the world needs is another metal guitarist.


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