I was wondering in anyone can give me suggestions for a new amp to buy.I like to play classic rock and older metal.I have about $1500 Canadian towards a new one.I am an intermediate player but i dont have too much knowledge about newer types of gear. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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Used Marshall JCM800 rather than a JCM2000. They are perfect for classic rock and old metal if you like the marshall sound.
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Nice to see people finally know that this is the marshall sound. JCM800 over the 2000 all the way. classic rock and old metal. This is the amp for you!
problem with jcm800 is the one channel maby you could snatch 2 up fore $1500
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Another vote for a DSL50. JCM800 (of course is great) as well! The DSL has nicer cleans however.

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Marshall JCM2000?
Obvious, I know.