Ok here is the problem I have right now. I'm running Windows Vista, I have no internal mic playback. Meaning when I record straight into my laptop I can't hear what I'm playing while I'm recording. (hope you understand)

Anyways, I'm guessing that the best thing for me is to buy a USB device where I can connect my guitar into and record. But will I get audio playback?

What device should I look into? I want something not too expensive.

Thanks in advance.

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Ah, you want monitoring of your playing. Line 6 Toneports or Pods, Zoom G2.1u, and Boss pedals can let you do that easily...and even be used live. If the drivers don't work (for the Toneport you may be SOL) you can plug the outs of each device into your sound card, and use a Y cable so you can listen with headphones.

If you're using your amp, then just mike it, and just use your eyes to see if digital distortion's occurring (essentially, when your sound starts to look like a rectangle).
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Yea normally the monitor mutes when recording since you will feedback into the mic and you will also be dealing with latency with a stock card.

If you can spend a little more, do so. The interface is the first thing to spend on since it will give the most improvement in your sound. Next comes mic upgrades.

I suggest staying away from the Toneports, they are like toys IMO and dont compare to other brands.

Also you are running vista, (I am as well) and so most interfaces wont work with this OS yet. The Toneports just crashed on me all the time with vista so I sold it.

For the vista OS I suggest sticking with M-Audio interfaces, they have been on th ball with vista drivers and so you should have little-no problem with drivers. The m-audio fast track USB or similar m-audio interfaces should work well.