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Get an acoustic amp (expensive)
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Get some kind of acoustic effect/equalizer pedal
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Leave what I have
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I have a Taylor 414 CE with the Expression System, Roland Cube 60, and a Crate 4 x 12 cab. I love each piece of equipment, but when I try to amplify the Taylor with my Cube, I can't get a good sound that is loud enough. When I use the acoustic channel it gets really quiet, but when I use the clean or black panel channels it doesn't have a great sound. What do you suggest I do?
most venues have PA systems, for a direct line of acoustic/e or even a mic'd amp.

i use a roland chorus 60 for my acoustics because i like it's portability.

you might be having problems because the cube 60 is a modelling amp.

most acoustic pedals suck. so if you get one, buy the cheapest (behringer). at least its cheap.

so you can check out cheap pa systems.
you can buy a behringer and lower ur electrics guitar volume for a passable acoustic set.
you can use the venue's pa.
you can try mic'ing the acoustic.
or you can look into some sort of cheap power amp that you can run with ur cab.
something that's passable with acoustic/electric guitars.

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Thanks for the info, I won't always have a PA where I play, so that will only work some of the time. And I don't really want to have to mic the guitar because I already have nice pickups in it. I'll figure something out. Thanks again.