Hi all,

Im new here and im very glad to be here on this site, hope to be welcome on the community . i just started to play guitar again after 7 years quited. iI had about 2 years playing when i quit because a depression and never played again.
im very excited now playing and im gonna start taking classes again soon. I hope to keep on this time.

My newbie question is (please forgive me i know this is annoying for you all )
I have an Esp ltd Mh-100 with floyd rose. Im wondering what upgrades can i do to it. Ive been reading as much as i can on other threads about pick ups and im very interested in seymour duncans, ive read lot of good stuff about them and i want to know if i can put them on my guitar or if you guys have others recommendations.
Im not hooked with any type of music so im looking more for versatility.

Thanks a lot for the help, i appreciate.
Oh and sorry about my english, im from Puerto Rico.
sure you can you can put any pick up in any guitar as long as it fits what ones have you been looking at so far?
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ok then thanks. It is needed to change something else, wires, etc ?
Ive been reading about JB/59', What do you think about them ? or if you have other recommendations for versatility i appreciate.

Thanks a lot, God bless
i don't know, but like the other guy said, you can put any pickup in a guitar, as long as it fits.

doesn't look like you getting many responces... maybe you'd get more if you started a thread in Guitar Gear and Accessories?

I wouldn't put pickups in it as it's not made of good materials, it's not worth it