Hey guys, I have an issue. I'm not a terrible singer, and I wanna do some backing vocals in my new band. Problem is, I can sing about halfway through a song on my own, and then my throat starts to ache, like it's been strained really badly.

I've been trying to sing a lot, because I thought it was just because I'm unused to it (I don't talk a lot either, heh), but I can't actually get through an unchallenging, short song without stopping because of this.

Anyone get around this issue, or should I just stop so I don't hurt my throat?
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Invest in a vocal coach if at all possible so that you learn proper singing technique and avoid possibly damaging your voice. Also, allow your voice to rest, talk as little as possible and drink plenty of fluids. Singing is a much more strenuous activity than most people want to believe, and since you aren't used to singing you're going into vocal shock. Warm up your voice thoroughly before singing, and for now, until your voice is accustomed, sing only 30-60 min. a day, slowly increasing the amount of time. It's like working out any other muscle, you don't go to the gym and attempt benching 350 lb. right away, you work your way up.

Also, to help soothe your throat, boil a cup of water, add three teaspoons of honey and the juice of one lemon. Let it cool down to a tolerable temperature. It really helps.
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