Poll: How do you wear your guitar?
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Wear it high!
15 20%
Wear it low!
12 16%
In between?
49 64%
Voters: 76.
Do you hang your guitar low and look cool, but sacrafice some playability?

OR do you wear yours high and look like a nerd, but aren't limited at all?

I personally do the first option, and i think most people do, but i just wanted to hear your opinions on this.
I gotta admit, i go low cuz it looks cool, but also FEELS cool - i tend to be more relaxed and able to get into the groove a bit more with it like that....I'm tall though so I need to find a longer strap to fing the perfect setting for me.

Same, I'm 5'10 and only 14 so I'd call myself tall....
I wear my strap as low as it goes but my strap isnt very long so it would be in between I guess.
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I have it high, Pretty damn high. It's the only way I can properly play Mutilate the Stillborn by Necrophgiast. If its at my waist it's hard to finger the frets properly.

but if i'm going to switch it up for some thrash i'll put it lower to my waist
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I wear it at my waist. Low is very uncomfortable and I can't get the frets as good. Really high is also equally uncomfortable.
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I play it kind of high(not chest high or anything) since I just can't play very low when it's low.
I keep it in between. Too high is uncomfortable, same for low.
I guess mine's medium-low, but that's because it's comfortable that way. A "normal" height seems awkward to me.
Quote by kyle62

Wearing your guitar low does not make you look cool.

That's just what people that wear it high say to make themselves feel better....

Really all that matters is what comes out of the speakers at the end of the day. I just feel more comfortable with it low
I do it high, it's hard to do sweeps and shred when the guitar hangs below your toes

I guess it'd be okay for like slow stoner rock, or maybe slower jazz, but for fast and/or technical stuff, higher seems to work.
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I like it low- EG my fender strap is at its full extent. I can never look cool anyway so its not for that reason I just prefer it that way.

mainly a rhythm man tho.
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To wear it low and sacrifice playability for some small style point is stupid! But at the same time wearing it high isn't make me cool either. I do it in the middle.
I used to wear my SG high, but that was as much to make sure the headstock wouldnt slam into the ground as for playability. Now I have a strat I've dropped the strap slightly but I still wear it high, the neck plate sits right over my belly button.
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I play most of my guitars medium, except for my old Artist, which weighs almost 11 lbs, so I'm forced to put it lower and angle the neck up higher. Otherwise you end up with a huge backache after an hour or so.
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As low as I can comfortably play it.

About hip level, pretty much. I prop it up Slash style for solos, mostly, so that's fine
**** clicked the wrong one i wear it low and i prefer it
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