i'm on the market for a delay pedal, because ive been using a cheap digitech modeling pedal, which sounds pretty bad. im looking more towards digital, because i like the reverse delay feature a lot, and i would like 1 that can imitate an analog well. my budget is about 150usd give or take.
so far ive been eying the marshal echo head, line 6 echo park, and possibly a used hazarai memory man
any suggestions?
150 is sort of low for a delay, you might want to save up a little longer and get something more worthwhile.
dd-20 will do everything you want, got one and the analog is brilliant, if not dd-6
After a while, you'll realise how useless the reverse delay is.

If you're looking for longer delay times, Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai, if you want longer delay with looping and shizz, that Akai delay, and if you want a really awesome magic delay, the Deluxe Memory Man.

Bear in mind you'll need to save up a little extra.
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i was considering saving up more, but ive been impatient so far
but it seems like a good idea. i probaly will now
dd-20 once again i said, precision and very versaitle i can even get a decent chorus sound
There's the new Boss dd-7. Try it.

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MXR Carbon Copy is 150 and all analog but doesnt get reverse and stuff. Try the DD-7 when it comes out
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