im thinking of getting a toneport, i need it for recording guitar quickly and easily, but i was wondering if it comes with a recording software bundle, like cubase le for example, or any other sequencer...

anybody know?
all toneports are the same...

They come with Gearbox, (and and FX modeling software which sounds like crud to my ear) and AL, (recording software).
I suggest using Reaper, its easier to use and overall much better than AL. Also free unless you want to get the license but nothing stops you if you dont...

The Toneports are fair but I think of them as Toy interfaces, they have noisy preamps and the vista drivers are falling apart still...

If you can, Get something from M-Audio like the Fast Track USB

Also the Toneports are 1.1 usb connection so you will have some delay on your monitoring...

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I use a toneport GX with reaper and it sounds fine for quick and easy recording. i use vista and have no latency issues - the only issue is the terrible sounds that come with gearbox, but my vox tonelab LE sorts that!

for quick and easy recording its great at £50, but if you want something higher class then it isnt it! at the end of the day you get what you pay for. im happy with it, but i dont do serious recording
I have the ux1 and I love it. I love gearbox but some amps are digital for me. Good way to plug in with your analogs too. Easy too use either. Don't get the fast track because of it's latency issues. The toneport is running with 1.1 usb speed but I dont get any latency.

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You get gearbox and some other software with it (forgot name) and you need to update gearbox over teh internets as soon as you get it because it doesnt work out of the box for most people.
well i dont want superior quality, ill go to our recording studio for that, but i just need something to lay down riffs with a decent enuf distortion.
Maddy - nope the UX2 can be plugged into a 2.0 port on a PC as can any interface but it is only a 1.1 connection USB interface.

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The newer form of USB, based on the 2.0 spec, is theoretically capable of slightly exceeding the speeds and throughput of firewire, so USB2.0 devices can make good solutions for laptops or desktops that sport a USB 2.0 interface. There is a huge world of difference between USB 1.1 and 2.0. Never confuse the two; it's night and day difference in terms of performance.. Also never assume an interface is USB 2.0 unless it specifically says it is. If it just says "USB", then assume it is 1.1. Believe me, if it was 2.0, they would tell you. There are not that many USB 2.0 interfaces out, though it is changing. Some notable USB2.0 interfaces are the Tascam US122l and Tascam US144. There is also a version of the MOTU 828mk2 that is USB 2.0 instead of Firewire. Newer to the scene are the Emu 0404 and 0202, and the Alesis IO2.

If you look at any online store selling these like zzounds or MF you will find no text mentioning "USB 2.0"