hey I've been looking at bass's at my local store, and I have my eyes on the ESP LTD B -4E and the Schecter Custom 4. my mind isn't set yet and my wallets limit is about 600 $ if theres any basses you might think are better or fit my style better please let me know.

I play alot of Tool, Rage, RHCP, black sabbath, zep, manson, AIC, APC and alot of 90's rock/ alt rock

I like alt/meltal/rock/funk some indie, im not really into punk at all

thanks for your time and help
You listed some good options. I like the Schecter Stilletto. I'd also try an Ibanez or two in your price range especially given the music you play.
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Really though, they're top notch basses for their price range and the jazz can play damn near anything.
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