So, for chemistry, i basically have to find how much calories per gram are in a food item (I'm using sun chips), by burning them and letting the flame from it heat water thats in a soda can. First we had to do 7 trials with just one chip and average them, which i had no problem with. Now, we have to find a trend and increase or decrease the amount of food for each trial. I choose to increase it by half, starting with one whole chip. I got 4 good ones, but then it gets all ****ed up. the last good one was like .27 and then the next one was .15, then .17 and then the last one i got is .11. Is this normal? I really don't want to have to do more trials. Should I just say **** it, and make those last three up? This is probably pointless, but i hope theres at least one smart person that can help me out.
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if ur only heating it in a soda can, there isnt much insulation, so in your data evaluation you can ban the anomalous results on excessive heat loss
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once you realize that 82% of all science is made up you'll figure it out
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bad answers are called "anomolis" which is basically a **** up..... which for me are amazing little creatures, it means i can write how i ****ed up in my evaluation and win bonus points.. heres what you wanna do

"during my project i encountered anomolis in my third fourth and final trial, this was most likely caused by heat escaping to the surrounding by ratiation and convectiuon and not all heat being used to heat the water, if i were to repeat the experiment i would use a "bomb calorimeter" to minimise the amount of energy lost to surroundings and maximise the effeficientcy of my trials and increase the reliability of my results"

you just earnt yourself a gold medal for being able to not only do things right but know what to do when they go wrong =]

hope this helps, its boosted my grades no ends
i had to do that exact same project! but yeah just make up ball park numbers and you will hopefully get an A (like i did)
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why make stuff up, in schools science does not go right, thats why no breakthroughs come from schools.....
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why make stuff up, in schools science does not go right, thats why no breakthroughs come from schools.....

you really are senseless. Breakthroughs do not come from schools as the experiments are so well tested, no new science can be discovered. Plus, the students are only unlikely to have the skills to improve science.

edit: your idea of a bomb calorimeter sounds good. Ignore my rant
I guess you guys are right. I mean, is my teacher really gonna give me a bad grade just because it didn't turn out right? I obviously did it right before and i didn't change anything. I think just making **** up would get me in more trouble anyway, because we have to keep all our data in a log book and write in pen. I already did the calculations and stuff and we can't use white out or rip out pages, so it would look kind of suspicious if the same thing was crossed out for all the calculations. I mean, if i just leave it go, I cant fail this thing can I? Unless of course, my teachers a giant bitch.
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lol i like how at the end you retract lol, but yeah i get what you mean, what i think i should have said is part of learning is learning what went wrong so you can improve it, because improving oneself is both virtous and good practise

and to cky, if you do what i said and she fails you anyways question her scientific qualifications... and then as shes answering go "in fact, what is your point as a person" then walk away before she has time to answer
lol. I'll just explain in my report what happened, how i ****ed up, and what i could do to make it better. I won't get any help from her anyways. I asked her two things about it today and she said both times, "What do you think?" Well if i thought it was right, I wouldn't be ****ing asking you. because i'm sure what i think is wrong.
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haha, i hate my coursework because of that, whenever i ask for help my teacher smiles at me and passes me a periodic table....
lol. Anyways, im pretty sure its because of an outside error anway, because the change between the mass before it was burnt and after it was burnt kept increasing every trial, so the heat got lost somewhere. I bet its because she had the ****ing windows open and there was a breeze.
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I always hated when teachers did that. It's akin to a grocery clerk telling you to find the item yourself when it's clearly their job to help you. They wouldn't get away with that, why should a teacher?

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in my coursework in my first year we had to work out how much actual percentage error came from heat to surroundings and its like 80%... plus we didnt open the window half way through
What does that mean? I know what percent error is but im not sure what your talking about.
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you have limitations on equipment, like measueirng equiment only measures to a certain decimal, so like you have ±0.1mm on that, and thermometers, and everything else, and once youve accounted for every measured error its something like the rest is the obvious error, if its heating heat is lost, if its rate of reaction its that you cant measure the immediate moment when the reactants make contact without a data logger hooked up to a computer....
oh. well thanks for all the help. I actually forgot that this is part of our final for the clase and i figured out my grade if i got an 80% for the first marking period (which i did get), a 70 or 75% for the second and a 0 on the final, Id still pass with like a 62% or something, so i cant fail this class!
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