hey guys im just lookin for some good songs to get and im into classic rock, metal, and alt rock gimme some suggestions please thx
Animal Collective, Muse, The Mars Volta, Porcupine Tree, Liquid Tension Experiment, Strapping Young Lad, etc.

^Anything by those bands.
number of the beast, aces high, run to the hills, the trooper, hallowed be thy name, 2 minutes to midnight, phantom of the opera, prowler.

all of them by iron maiden,
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Anything from Mastodon's Blood Mountain or Leviathan albums or by The Sword for metal. Dance Gavin Dance, Underoath, Muse, Coheed, AFI, System of a Down, Saosin. Thats a good start, as well as whatever else is recommended.
The Porcupines - Cannon
Jack Hagrot - Waves
Familiar Places - Screeching to a Halt
Dance Mechanic Theatre - You, You, You

I made all of these songs up.
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nubered days by killswitch engage, bloodmeat by protest the hero, alaska by between the buried and me , selkies the endless obsession btbam, six by all that remains
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