Alright my band is having a problem....our lead guitarist hasn't shown to practice for the past...all of 2008...so we kicked him out....now we need to redo everything so help me out and gimme some good cover songs with one guitar part!! Our style is along that of blink-182, the hives, sublime, and some classic(ish) rock stuff.
Saw Red?
red hot chili peppers
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Nirvana has one guitar but do u mean one guitar one bass and one drum or just one guitar and one drum cause if its the second there is the white stripes
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Classic rock.... listen to anything off the Electric Album by the Cult. Amazing album.

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Play something by The Who. Like My Generation. Crank up the distortion, play with energy, and your bound to get the crowd going nuts with that song.
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early switchfoot used one guitar. the three fist albums had one guitarrist...

listen to chem 6a, thats a good song.
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danny california- red hot chilli peppers

a lot of blink 182 i would say:
I miss you
Adams song
Man Overboard

Smells like teen spirit-Nirvana

and a classic

anarchy in the uk-sex pistols
i would also say seven nation army from the white stripes
or bulls on parade by rage against the machine