So I've come across this guitar brand called "Weller". The guitars seems rly good (haven't tested em yet), all handbuilt in germany. But the thing is, I've never ever heard of the brand and do not have any backupinfo about it.
So i'm asking:

Do any of you know sth bout Weller-guitars?


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I know some German so I did a bit of googling for you. This is what I found:

Basically there are three possibilities.
One: It is a guitar handbuild by master luthier Armin Weller, exquisite and expensive. The picture doesn't seem to show one of those though.
Two: It's a guitar build in the small scale factory of Christoph Weller. Not a one off but a well build and fine sounding guitar. It can't be a new guitar then, for apparently they don't make them like that anymore. Instead....
Three: It's a Chinese guitar, mass produced to the specs issued by Christoph Weller and then checked and set up in his shop in Germany. They're a bit contoversial but should be OK and are certainly a lot cheaper than they would have been if they were still being made by mr.Weller himself.

Of some interest to you might be a discussion I came across concerning the specs of these guitars. Mr.Weller doesn't seem to have a problem to overstate the features of his guitars in his advertisings. 'Hand build in Germany' may not mean exactly what you think, and neither has 'Solid Top' the usual meaning in mr.Weller's dictionary.
Apart from this there are a lot of lyrical reviews on German massage boards.
Thank you a lot!

Well in fact the 2nd option you stated above could be right, since this guitar is bought on an auction some time ago. But I dunno tho, hope it is. Description of the guitar, stated on seller's website http://www.musikfyndet.se/ (Swedish website):

Fretboard: Rosewood

Body: Solid, mahogny

Top: Solid spruce


And tbh, I fell for the description of the guitar, since it seems promising. If anyone finds more about the guitar/brand, please share It's important for me to do a backround check.
Personally I think the Wellers offered on Musikfyndet are from Chinese origin. Not that I know for sure, but one would expect an European build guitar with all these features (4 band EQ, mother of pearl inlays etc.) to be much more expensive than 3500 to 4500 Sw.Kr., even if you substract the 'No Martin nor Gibson' discount.
But as said; it's nothing but an uneducated guess. I really don't know anything about them except what I just read in one German musicians forum.
Well the thing is... it's a 2nd hand guitar. It has been a showoff-guitar that has just been around on a few events to please ppls eye. And it's also bought on an auction, therefore its price. A new one is like $700.. so..

Is 4 band EQ and pearl inlays rly a bad thing? :S

And btw, if the guitar was massproduced in China or sth.. shouldn't more ppl have heard about the brand? just a thought..

P.S And yes, I don't want it to be a massproduced thing :P that's why i'm trying to find proofs against.
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