So I took the advice of people on this forum and decided to buy use.

Went on ebay and saw the old version of it in black so I decided to bid. I went for $300 and stayed on top until today when some JERK put $335.

and lost the damn thing for $5.

Yeah there are more on sale on ebay, but those dont include the paperwork with the gurantee papers, footswitch, etc.

and the one I was bidding on did have its original box.

Sorry for whining and I know it IS my fault for leaving and coming back 30mins after the bid was over.

Just needed to get this off my head.
Oh well. Peavey classics are some of the most common used amps (atleast when i've looked for them). You'll find another one. Or, look at a local store for one used.
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That's a bummer man.. good luck next time.


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The Classic 30 and 5150 are two industry standards...

You'll definitely find another one.
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happened to me man.dont EVER EVER again bid until the last minute man.itll help your chances of winning and hopefully wont get you involved in a bidding war with someone therefore not driving the price up.