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Electric + Acoustic
28 65%
Electric but I want an acoustic!
8 19%
T3h Br00t@lz only!!!!!11
7 16%
Voters: 43.
Just wondering. I only have an electric, since that's what I started on just under a year ago. But I want to get an acoustic or clasical guitar of some sort anyway but I also want a new electric+amp just as much

How about you?
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i love my acoustic, i would recommend getting one
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i have both. it is a great way to learn different types and styles of music. get one!
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I'm still looking after the ex's acoustic, so have one to play for the moment but I don't own it. I'll be after a cheap MDF one once its been collected

once its gone I reakon i'll miss it. acoustics are ace (although if I had to pick one i'd go electric).
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I have electric, steel string acoustic and nylon string classical guitar. Their style are pretty different but I love them all!
pshh grandpa's guitars..

seriously i have 2 elctrics, and a cheapo classical i actually got for free
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Acoustic 12 string

Couldn't be happier.
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I own, both, I just love the sound that comes out my acoustic. I love my electric, but sometimes I just need to hear something soothing.
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one day id like an acoustic, but as of now, i have no use for it at all
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