So I've decided I need to work a bit more on my using chords in progressions. I can basically do all of them very easily except C. I can never seem to get to it fast enough so that the progression doesn't sound choppy. I would like to, as my teacher says, eliminate the "coffee breaks" in between my chords. Im pretty good at all of them but I have a bunch of trouble getting to C in time.

Here are all the chords I know:

If anyone can help me find a way or suggest a progression (using the chords above) that would help me get better at switching from any chord to C quickly, it would be much appreciated.

Sorry if the above is too wordy, but I just want to make sure I get my point across.
Honestly, just practice, that's the only way. It's all muscle memory. Work it slow at first until your fingers know the changes, and then you'll be able to do it as needed.