Epi just came out with a line of 'Prophecy' guitars (LP, SG, and Futura)

does anyone have any idea if their good, or has anybody played 'em??

lemme know cuz im considering...

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they look like a very solid and affordable product line. epi always delivers.

the new line just doesn't fit my fancy as much as my plain top standard. they also have an explorer futura which looks killer
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looks like an excellent line of guitars. im waiting to get a chance to go to GC to try one.

make sure you try before you buy.
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I think they look pretty cool, especially the ones with the dirty fingers, I just wish they didnt have gold hardware.
They look gross IMO. Explorer-style is awful. The specs are pretty good though.
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They sound awesome. The Futura or explorer FX with the floyd rose sounds amazing thats a guitar i plan on buying.