It's a solo I wrote, I hope you guys enjoy it! I've put a lot of efforts into writing the most melodial, emotional and difficult solo I've ever wrote.

I just hope the recording doesn't kill it, as it was done with a 5$ mic.
Geez, I really need to invest into recording stuff :P

Anyways, the synth was done with GP5, the rest by me.

Recorded with an American Fender Stratocaster and a Peavey XXX.

Enjoy! C4C aswell.
Good considered playing man, it's pretty obvious that you've put time into composing the solo, and for the most part at the start it's executed well. Just a few times when the rhythm guitar doesn't really fit with the solo.
I found it a bit inconsistent, in that there were sections when I thought "Yeah, that sounds spot on, nice idea, done well" and other times when it just sounded rushed and not great. The good sections definitely outnumber the bad by a good bit, I still think it needs some tightening up though, I'd record it a few times until you've ironed out the kinks.
The next song is deadly by the way.
And I just saw you're 16, you're a great player at that age, you can only improve, good ****.

Crit me back if you can https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=796639
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I agree with the guy above, parts were great others wern't so great but with a 5$ mic it always going to show up the wrinkes more. there is some very good playing on here so don't be discouraged by the the parts that were off, just take it on the chin and look to improve on the gey areas. At the age of 16 though I'm sure your going to be a great player/composer not to far into the future.


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That is a very good solo,
Would be alot better with a better mic =P
keep it up
The gear.
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Thanks a lot I really appreciate the comments guys!

But could someone point out the "Rushed" Sections that don't sound great, to see if they are the one I'm thinking about o.o

Greetings from a fellow 16 year old Canadian! This is a very good solo. One thing that almost every brilliant soloist does is make their solos build up to a climax. They try to tell a story with their solo. The great thing about this solo is how it develops itself, from its melow begginings to the shreddy climax. Good job.

However, as mentioned, there are a few things that could use a little work. You appear to get a little bit sloppy and rhythmically out of time from 1:32 to 1:52. Also you seem to stumble a few times between 1:45 and 2:00. Neither of these are major mistakes, but both could use a little work.

Like I said, this is a great solo. Like most memorable solos, it keeps developing itself until it reaches its climax. All you need to do now is clean a few things up and this solo will be that much better. Great work!

By the way, could you take a quick look at mine?



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I agree with everyone here so far. Good, technical solo that youre playing well. Sounds like if you practice it just a bit more it will be spot-on.

And definately get a better mic, the guitars sound like their muffled. Nothing you can do about it without the equipment, but it would sound killer with a really soaring tone.
Are you Pactworthy?
Sounds pretty tight.
Work on your bends, and try not to be so technical about everything. It is a technically sound song, just lacks emotion. But it overall sounds really sick. Sort of Petrucci-esque.

Crit mine?
Nice playing. "Unrevealed Melody" was really cool. Was the solo improv or composed? Go Canada!!
Thanks all

As for the bends, they are well done, but the mic is killing them haha! (I shall get some new recording stuff when I start working >.>!

The solo was composed Thanks!
cool solo. at 16 u sure are good. i agree with most of the guys here. some part were good, some not so. but don't fret. crit will asways come in a musicians territory. plus its the negative crit we really get anything out of.
Thanks for the crit! Everything sounded pretty good to me. The recording does suck. But the recording doesn't matter a whole lot when your writing a song anyway. It's more of a reference so you're able to add to it. I think the solo itself sounded really cool. Like someone else said, you can play very good for 16 years old. There were places where the drums and the rhythm were out of time. It's hard to tell you exactly where, because it happens quite a few times. All I can say is, make sure you use a click if you record the guitars 1st, or record the drums track 1st and then match the guitar. Thats how I do it and the timing turns out pretty good most of the time.

Overall, a very good solo. Good job!

Great song..

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