Hey there. I have been wanting to learn to program for a while. Like, making applications and such. I can't really get much more specific than that. I feel I would be extremely motivated if I knew where to start, because right now I really don't have an idea of what to do. I know HTML and CSS, and that's it.

Should I get some books? Which ones, specifically? I would like to eventually learn C, Python, and Cocoa (I use a mac); really any language that would be useful to know.

Where should I start? With what language?

Any tips or information would be super fantastic.

Also, I'm not a big fan of learning java. I may, eventually, but right now I don't like it, it seems quite annoying.

Thanks everybody.

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Perl's not too bad.

Though eventually you'll probably end up learning java.
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I learned back in the old MS-DOS days...actually prior to that I learned Apple Basic.

That's just linked to the operating system.

All languages are based around the same type of logic:


The rest is just variations of those to make more complex programming easier/faster.
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Haha, I couldn't get Cocoa down and I bought a book for Objective-C. Hope you have a very large attention span.
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+1 for python. Excellent language to learn with.
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I downloaded this torrent with 16.5GB of e-books. Just search 'programming books' in mininova or whatever tracker you use.
^ 16.5GB of ebooks? Have fun reading that lot. I hope for your sake some of its video lol.
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PHP is a good language to start on, then you can move on to python and some more difficult languages
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I managed to teach myself some BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) some years ago. You can download free copies from somewhere.

You can't really do anything advanced with it but it introduces you to things like Visual BASIC. It's also pretty good for making text-adventure games
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Well if you want to learn how to make programs, I can take 5 minutes aside and make you a web browser, that would use Visual Basic, simple to learn.

Or I can take a few days aside and write you some l33t h4x for COD4 with C++. (Always use UPX to pack your dll's) PB wont find it
^ h4x are for n00bs :p
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Well your biography thing says your 16 but your a tech specialist or something? Well most high schools have a programming class like mine. We use "Blitz basic" and i think it was made for Unix to create games. It teaches you the basics like stated above which is basically [for/next] and simple logic loops. You can download the free demo which is basically the same and learn from there.
I started with visual basics
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