Well this is a very strange song for me, specially those that know the kind of music I like I guess and what not

I think this one has a silly feel to it, kinda; in some parts
and well it has a buncha diff time sigs........

dont know really what to call it, so here it is, enjoy, lyrics included

oh yeah its not completely finished

If you want to crit go ahead if not oh well, if you just wanna state your opinion please do so as well feed back is awesome =]

[edit] Well, here goes a little explanation, Guitar Pro has a tendency to screw up imports of powertabs, sometimes adding unnecessary empty measures

Anyway during a 'netless time, I sat down and worked on a drum track... me being mostly a noob at percussion just messed around and well... drums sound guitar based probably... the bass sometimes does its own thing... and the PT doesnt have the bass cause Im a lazy bastard... in the end I like how the song's going, its an intricate song so well -shrugs- theres that weird feel I guess

DISCLAIMER: As for the time* sig changes... I dont get how they could be random when I pretty much come up with the stuff on the guitar randomly then I just tab it out, how the song is tabbed out is how it originally came to me outta nowhere O_o so... I just figure out the time changes and all that jazz as if I was tabbing some other song -that is generally how I go about making my tabs... drum work and bass is a completely separate process haha-

Anyway the file was replaced/updated with the updated fixed version, and added gp5 gp4 and midi... so uh give it a shot now :S

* correction
For Mrs Chompers.zip
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That was pretty bad. The first section was just poor and far too repetitive. The stuff after that was better but still boring as just a single guitar and none of it flowed well, with the empty bars and stuff. Plus it seemed like some of the time signature changes were just there for the sake of it.
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that was really good i love the time changes it just gives the whole piece are really shifting and unique feel throughout, the guitars are awesome but idk the drums are just really not well written but still an awesome song 9/10
I have a few songs up so if you wouldn't mind could you crit 1 or 2 of them? lol
Haha I was afraid so about the drums Im pretty new at them, but I didnt want to just lay it out with straight beats lol

link me to one whichever ya wish
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yeah that would not fit with the time sigs you're using lol but if your not a drummer don't worry to much about it, cuz it really doesn't take away from the song at all its still very good
whats the most awkward drumming part anyway if you dont mind pointing it out haha, I had a feeling it was too guitar based -if you catch my drift-
well first of all as a general rule of thumb when you use a crash cymbal you generally also will do a bass drum hit at the same time, its not as obvious on Guitar Pro but with real drums a crash cymbal by its self sounds really weak and trashy and doesn't cuz through at all, the riff at 13-16 is quite akward, not horrible but nothing that a real drummer would play lol, actually the whole heavy section is pretty akward it fits some what but doing it on a real set would be akward, but if you are using this for a band you are in then everything i've said about the drums is pointless lol
Hm I see yeah the first riff I though "hell lets try whatever"... I guess some of the ones after that section is a bit more solid like in the tremolo picking part, well thanks alot forthose tips about drumming

and nah this is pretty much for my personal project

but yeah as you can see I dont know squat about drumming I just sat there thinking "meh I must try to make it fit somehow but not be just silly straight beats..."... as the song as a whole is rather intricate