so the conversation swung round to wood routers today, and my dad didnt go "no way, you'll cut all your fingers off"

heloooooo guitar build

i have experience with most other aspects, esp electronics, and i have a garage full of tools and a neck to drop in, so i figured....how hard can it be?

the plan is a solid rick 330 copy, not sure on wood yet, but im thinking string through, with a TOM, and HB/P-90 pups

so practice routing, do the neck pocket, then draw the guitar around that. jigsaw it out and sand, sand and sand some more, then gloss varnish stuff over that and fit the hardware and route the cavities. simple

i'll keep y'all posted, but feel free to drop any hints and tips by here ^_^

well GBandC....wish me luck!!!!!!

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Should be cool. Ive always wanted to see a Rick copy. Ive really only seen one. So, good luck.
You mentioned you wanted a tip or two about painting? Well the first thing I recommend is that you check out ReRanch and project guitar, great places to start.

Here is how I did mine. This was my first guitar paint job. Luckily I had some experience with aerosol cans, and my dad was there for help if I needed.

Sand with 220, the 320.

Primer, 1 hour later, more primer, one hour later, more primer.

next day,

white lacquer, one hor later, more white lacquer, one hour later, more white lacquer, etc. I did that for 2 days, until I ran out of paint. Around 6 heavy coats I think. Basically, I painted until I had full coverage, and then put on 2 more coats.

Sand with 600 wet sandpaper until you have a totally smooth finish, Then do your clearcoating. So far I have done 2 coats, with around 3 hours in between. I'm at my aunt and uncles lake house at the moment, so painting is on hold until monday, but I'll let you know how it turns out.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
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