Poll: Do you watch Dr. Phil?
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7 23%
15 48%
9 29%
Voters: 31.
Inspired by another thread. DO YOU WATCH DR. PHIL?
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THANK YOU!!! i love you Snyde_Platypus!!!

I explained "lulz" =D

I watched one episode.

90% was commercials and his therapist work is complete and utter bullshit.
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I have a life if that's what you're asking .
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ive seen one episode and that guy is a retard he didnt even help them he listened to what there problem was then told them at the end they need to fix it. isnt that what hes for lol
Nah. I thought I'd like it and I tried to but it weren't for me. I saw a comedian do a funny skit about it once though and I used a Dr. Phil soundboard to prank call some goth guy so he has entertained me in ways.
only when they're parodying him on Mad TV
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