I want to make a guitar body but i'm not sure if I should make it out of like a couple pieces of wood or just one. Do one piece bodies make a tone difference compared to a multi piece body?
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yeah im pretty sure solid bodies ahve a way different sound than two peices glues together
One pice bodies sustain more as it is one solid block of wood rather than two with glue holding them.
The vibrations travel across one piece of wood than two with glue, same was as if traveling along a solid block of road is easier than over a rickety bridge.

However two piece bodies are fine, also easier on the wallet.
i dont see why you would want to make it out of more than one piece. it is easier to make it out of one piece.
Andy I might have to disagree with you on that one. Almost all lespauls are in fact two pieces with a mahogany body and often a maple top. The woods chosen for this affect tone, for exampel the maple adds brightenss to the warm mahogany tone. Also pieces can be glue together sideways. While it is much easier to use one piece, you may use two pieces glue side to side for the body, in fact this is how a neck through guitar is built where the two sides are glue to the body as "ears". If you do decide to do this keep in mind a few things, you must have a very very good glue up, this means havning the two pieces even, applying even pressure with up to 25 good clamps (high quality clamps with little or no deflection). Also you must use the same kind of wood most preferably from the same board, try and match the grains as best as possible, and often some very cool looking designs are acheived by bookmatching the two pieces of lumber. As a footnote if you choose to glue two pieces up, you should only work on the wood in one place, until you finish it, so as the wood does not expand and shift around destroying your glue line. (you can use regular elmers glue for this glue up)
well, I'm making a strat. I know I've seen some glued side to side and I've only had on that was ever a one piece body, but I sold it. I plan on using Mahogany for the wood but I also plan on making it a normal strat, so I don't really want to show off the wood, just a paint finish.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.