So i'm selling my Transparent Black Jackson DKMG Dinky. I've had it since Last Christmas but their is hardly any damage done to it besides the usual scratches. It's never seen a show and has been kept in storage (my closet) for awhile. I'm selling it due to I want a more diverse Guitar and Jackson's are mainly for Metal. It's Transparent Black,which retails for $750 (Transparent black does,other colors for $700)
# Carved top alder body
# Maple neck
# Compound-radius bound rosewood fingerboard
# Piranha fretboard inlays
# Active EMG 81 and 85 pickups (Meaning they require a 9Volt battery to power)
# Floyd Rose-licensed double-locking tremolo

I may be willing to go lower if a trade for something can be done but I will not trade the guitar for another piece of equipment,just PM me. Here are a couple pictures,I have more if needed. And I took the volume knob cover off,I still have it and in fine condition.

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ive got the same axe w/o a trem, SWEET guitar

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Yea man,their awesome Guitars. I play alot of other Genres besides Metal and the Guitar is pretty 1 sided as far as what you play so i'm looking to get something more diverse. Something without a Trem also.
Also, i'm looking for a GOOD acoustic Guitar. So i'm willing to trade for a Good acoustic. Preferably a Cutaway. Has to be in good condition and by a good company,no First Act's here.