I think its ok...but I need some help with it...so suggestions please! This is my first song

Break My Heart
*Capo 3rd fret, chord progression is G, Em, C, C2 (6/8 time)

Verse 1:
I think that you want me
As yours forever
But all that you’re doing
Is pulling my levers
I wish you’d just leave
Cuz all I wanna do
Is get you off my mind

So don’t break my heart
Don’t leave another scar
Cuz all I want’s you
All I care to see is you

Verse 2:
I wanna hold you
In my arms
I wanna protect you
From all the world’s harms
See your awesome face
Have you for the rest of my days

So leave with your friends
Forget about me
Just keep your way back straight
Find your way home
Stay on the right road

(Repeat Chorus twice, only strumming every note-change the 1st time)