Good condition. Has has Winged 'C' power tubes from tubedepot. Preamp tubes are still stock, and I haven't even opened it up to see what kind they are Sounds great, and tubes should have plenty of life ahead of them.

Also, it's self biasing

The one problem with the amp..... Where the power cord plugs in, the bracket around the edge is cracked. Itsa real simple fix. Looks like you just unplug the 2 little wires from it and plug them onto a new one, I just haven't gotten around to ordering the part.

I'm lookin for cool pedals(I love to make unique noises), a solid guitar, a great little practice amp, and cool or uncommon accessories or any combo of em.

Anywhere from over $500 worth could get you there if the stuff is quality.
Ovation celebirty deluxe with gold hardware for it?
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Ovation celebirty deluxe with gold hardware for it?

Nah, I'm more of an electric player, and already got a decent acoustic.

Bump>>> Offers?? I wanna get this thing outta my tiny jam room.
pm'd you on the pedals

edit: just got your message on my thread. go to my thread and we'll just deal on there
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