I'm really into old school thrash metal and punk and I was wondering if anybody knew which states/cities are big on that? because I'm going to finish school soon and I'm want to move out somewhere where I can start a band with those type of influences. if anybody has any suggestions that would rule. thanks.
Havok are from Colorado.
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What Instrument do you play? California is always a good start. The band I'm in has some older thrash metal influence, not real hardcore but some of the originals, along with others. The metal scene is everywhere you just have to look around to find it.
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neither of those genres are going to have really big scenes anywhere, if you want that type of music go to New York or LA where everything under the sun has at least some following.
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if you come to Los Angeles we could start a thrash band

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The thrash scene isn't as big as it once was, but most good thrash bands came from the bay area
Honestly, Tampa's somewhat alright with that scene. Just don't go and play that stereotypical 80s thrash type of thing. My band plays a more modern style of thrash, and Tampa seems to really get into it. We have a few other local guys who are doing decently well. It's just hard to break out of that death metal mold Tampa always had.
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Bay Area CA.

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Does anyone else realize that most of the real heavy, I mean HEAVY death/black metal bands come from either switzerland... or kansas?