i stole this idea from some guy doing this with bands but the idea is..
what are the teams that everyone sais you "must" like just because who they are?
personaly i cant stand the patriots and people tend to hate me for it but i wont be bullied into liking them just because "itttts the patriots!!!" who gives??
also San Diego Chargers.
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Do you mean "football" or football?
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I personally love the game of Football however i do not consider it the best sport ever-which is hockey- but not everyone gets srutinized for it. Just because you were called gay doesn't mean we care haha j/k
I personally enjoy playing soccer, but I can't follow watching it.

The term soccer is used because if I said football, it would confuse half of the people here AND make me a bad American.
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I like to play alot of sports, soccer especially, but I'd rather take a shovel to the head than watch any of it.

So I don't care what team you like.
even with the crushing lose to the samn giants the pats still are the pats and if u dont like brady get the hell outta here hes wayy to cute not to like em..your just upset the beantown got the best sport teams in the country lets go red sox
I don't like any sports really.

People think I'm weird.
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American football. My uncles used to try to get me to play American football in high school.
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none of u c wut i did here
Hmmm... the title of the thread is different from the subject line of the post? I'm not seeing anything else. Care to elaborate?
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Cheese skittles, all those spooky kids with their cheese skittles.
cricket, but that may be due to the fact that im an ignorant american who knows nothing about the sport.

that being said the only two sports i can stand to watch (while sober) is Footbal (americano) and HOCKEY!
I'm a Canadian who absolutely hates hockey and yeah, I get a lot of shit because of it.
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I'm a Canadian who absolutely hates hockey and yeah, I get a lot of shit because of it.

Blaspheny *throws holy water*

ur supposed to be born with a hockey stick in ur hand (sucks to be a mom) lol

w/e dude, we like what we like
*sigh* it appears the pit is generally lacking observational skills today.

i want to call this thread a fail, unless a miracle happens on the front page of the pit.
Hummm... I'm a Quebecker, but I don't play hockey, just watch (pretty much the only sport bearable to watch on a TV, the rest is Go Do It Yourself). I play soccer (Football) a lot.
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Yankees. Mostly because I'm from Boston...

But sill. Steinbrenner is a Tw*t
I live in New Zealand and basketball isn't that big here. I can't stand rugby, even though it's supposed to be the "national sport". Basketball FTW.

But if you're talking about teams, I'm not an LA Lakers fan. Seems that everyone I meet who watches NBA likes the Lakers. Hornets FTW.

It's not that funny...

I don't like any sports that usually affiliate with schools like lacrosse, foot ball, soccer or baseball. Whenever I watch them they're usually not that interesting.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
hockey, football. i don't play or watch either
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Football (Soccar)apparently i HATE it

much more into Rugby
flag football
and i always say
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