Ok so heres the deal. I find it easier composing my drum tracks on GP because i can do it loads faster with sheet music. But the only problem is that the drums on GP sound rather gay. So Im trying to import midi files of drums from GP into FL and put them through an FL patch, but its not working. How do i get it to work?

Thanks in advance.
go into FL and into the drum patch you would like then you go to the patch and right click - insert midi. This will allow you to choose your file. After that its just a matter of selecting what channels from GP you would like on each drum.

If this doesn't get you what you need Let me know (PM might help me remember) and I will go through each step a little more in detail.

Hope you get your beats out

I did that, it didnt play. i assumed it was the port different of GP midi to FL, so i resaved the midi to FL port and still didnt work. But i did find a way to do it, its really inefficeint but has extremely good results, so i cant complain. thanks for the help anyway.