I currently have a marshall mg50 (insert barf noise here) and am looking to upgrade to a tube amp for about 500-600 dollars or less. i have a fender MIM strat and an epi les paul standard

sounds desired: SRV, clapton, david gilmour, hendrix, joe perry, angus young.

if you could tell me the amp, price, and what tone it might get, that would be good.
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Traynor YCV40. 50 watts with two channels. The clean channel gets a nice Vox AC30 sound and theree is a bright switch which makes a very big differance unlike some other bright switches. On the 2nd channel, you can get more marshall like channels and get some nice high gain sounds with the gain dimed. But, there is also a boost funcition which gets you alot more gain and volume for solos. It's a great sounding amp and gets a very classic british sound which seems like the tone your after.
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Quote by forsaknazrael
^That's 40 watts, actually.

If you check out the YCV50 Blue, that'd be 40 watts, and be more along the Marshall tone, as far as distortion goes.

I believe the YCV50 Blue is 50 watts bud hence the name

forsaknazrael is right, the 50BLUE is much more marshally sounding (el84's as opposed to kt66's)(correct me if I'm wrong on tube types), while the YCV40 is more of an american sounding amp.

A better option if you want the YCV40 would be the YCV40WR, it has a Celestion V30 in it. A nice little upgrade if you ask me!

Also, I'm going to buy a Traynor sometime this summer. Slatsmania (a good guy to ask tube amp questions to) suggests switching the kt66's in the YCV40 to KT77's. Which makes it more modern sounding if you want that.
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The difference btw traynor and marshall is that Traynor have kickass clean.

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