So I decided to learn "Turn Soonest to the Sea" by Protest the Hero. I found a tab and it said to downtune to drop C. I realized I lost my tuner, so I had to drop tune to it by ear. I was off by half a step, but it was by a whole step. So I tune it up, and it's a half step up. I then had to tune it down again to get the right tuning, and I get total ****ing fret buzz. I then had to raise my action and retune my guitar (which I thankfully did the first try). I then start learning the tab, soon realizing it's totally ****ing wrong. I then look for other tabs and it's in ****ing Eb!

I really wish I had the self tuning gibson lp right now...
Can't you look up an online tuner or something.

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Quote by schecter_guy
that sucks...please tell me where you got the tab, i love that song

I went on my dad's computer and used the guitar pro that's on his computer. The guitar pro version on this site is correct.

And my computer doesn't have any speakers so I couldn't use it. (online tuner)