My friend bought an Alpine White Les Paul Studio (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Studio-Electric-Guitar?sku=512585) a couple months back and now he's decided he wants to play bass and is trying to sell this guitar and asked if I'd be interested in buying it for $225ish. I've played it and it sounds like a decent guitar, though I haven't gotten to play it at my good amp (Fender Hot Rod Deluxe) since it's too big to have here at college.

I already have an Epiphone Dot, an Epiphone 57 Reissue Les Paul Jr and a really really used Delonge Strat. I'm not really sure I need this so does anyone else who has this think it is worth it to buy at that price or will it not really add anything new soundwise? Thanks.
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if you're gonna use it then by all means get it. but why spend money to have things sit around
well sounds like you have a nice little collection, do you really need another little epi? if you want it go for it, but i wouldn't say OMG!!!111!1111!!!!! get it
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i personally wouldnt bother
you got a nice lineup already
and its not THAT quality of a guitar overall,
save your cash for soemthing that makes you flip
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get it, and if it ends up just sitting around, you could probably find someone to sell it to for more than you paid, make a little moulah...

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I'd save my money and get something that will be an upgrade from the gear you already have.
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Ya, I think I'm probably gonna end up getting a Telecaster over this, cause that Les Paul isn't much better from anything I have now. I'm probably gonna think about it for awhile though, since I won't be able to afford a good Tele for some time.
My Random Gear:

-Epiphone Dot
-Epiphone `57 Les Paul Jr. Reissue
-Epiphone AJ-200 Acoustic
-Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
-DS-1 Distortion
I'd say save your cash. It's not much higher than a beginners guitar.