I really like the 3 humbuckers on the custom, but i dont know how much difference it will make in the sound. I also really like the way the custom looks from the front, but from the back it looks wierd because its all white, the neck and the body both. Is the neck on the regular version painted too? And mostly importantly, which one sounds the best?
I'm srry to bump an old thread but ýa know

The g-400 is th better choise
because the pickups aren't that good anyway so you can better have 2 crappy ones then 3

and the third only get's in the way while playing
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I've heard the pickups on the Custom are utter shi. The normal G-400 should do you good. I've only had good experiences with them.
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3 humbuckers are BAD.

-more magnetic pull on strings
-causes buzzing and feedback
-loss in tone due to larger pickup cavity
-inablility to use more than one pickup at one time
I have the G400 since December 2005, and it is a really nice guitar considering the price. My one plays really nicely without any noticeable fret buzz and the action is nice and low (i haven't adjusted the action). The guitar feels very solid and i think it can handle many more years of rocking before it gives up

The only problem with it is the pickups - they really struggle at high volume. They start feedbacking really badly, squealing unless you have your hand on the strings. I haven't changed the pickups as i rarely play loud enough for the squealing to start. I also don't experience any buzzing while playing the guitar through my amp.

With a pickup swap, even to budget pickups like GFS, to eliminate the squealing, this guitar could be a lot better. But for the price i can't complain.