So I had never really liked the looks of the Telecaster and had never tried one. My buddy bought a cheap Squier Telecaster for fun a few months ago and I tried it and really liked it. It just felt "bluesy" and so light. I got to liking the looks more and more in the past months.

I was looking at my local online classifieds at work mid afternoon when I saw this Fender Standard (Mexican) Telecaster that looked sweet. The description said the guy was looking for the best offer over $300. The ad had been there for 2 weeks so just for fun I emailed him ... "I can drop off $250 cash after work if you still have it". I wasn't expecting a reply back but he emailed me back telling me he'd accept and wanted to know how we could meet. I emailed back to call me on my cell, which he did 5 minutes later. So he comes to meet me in the parking lot at the Bank where I work and we make the exchange ... all about within an hour of emailing him.

It's friggin' near mint and sounds great! $250! It's not a ground shaking deal, they sell the same one at Musicians Friend for $399, but what a guitar for $250. As it turns out he's a retired guy who buys and sells guitars for fun. Check out his card (blurred out some info of course). I got a chuckle out of it's simplicity.

He also gave me a card to his buddy who's a retired guitar tech from the guitar shop I always go to. I looked in the back of his van and he had a bunch of Fenders and old amp heads and one of those great big Gibsons that are hollow body. I really didn't get the feeling that they were stolen guitars. All I could think of what "Get the f* out of this van before you walk away with a few more guitars".

Check out what I landed:

I checked the serial number on the Fender site and it was made in 2000-2001. I already want to start modding it, lol. It almost looks too new ... I feel like relicking it; maybe just take a fine grain sand paper to it to remove the clear coat, or repaint it, or change the pickups, or drag it behind my car for a few blocks (I'm a Gibson guy). I'll enjoy playing with it for now.
That s sexy colour, before I used to hate wine red, or anything similar. But lately I've been getting some major boners off them. And also I hate you so much TS, that is a nice amp you got there.
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Exactly what I was thinking lmao.

Nice axe tho, too, very nice in red.
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Nice snag, looks good. After I bought my '86 Kramer Focus 1000 for $240 in perfect condition I've been looking once again for older stuff. You can get some ridiculous deals. Places like Craigslist and others are always good bets. Just gotta have patience and keep looking then you get lucky and like you said in a short time with 1 email or phone call bam! its yours. Funny how that happens huh
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lol that is so awesome. i almost got a mexi tele, but i decided to wait. I ended up getting a ibanez jet king two weeks later, which has turned out to be a better fit for me anyway since im thinking about moving into some heavier rock which will basically require humbuckers.

great guitar tho, great price. awesome deal dude.
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That's such a great color. I bet it sounds great.

The Tele is pretty sweet too.
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Mexi Teles are great IMO. Sweet deal man.
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Very Nice, I was the same, I didnt like the look of them, but then I played one and I fell in love with the tone, so I might get one myself soon.
OMGZ!! when i got my midnight wine tele i asked if they had any with maple necks and they said they were never made.. bastards!

it looks friggin lush. for $250 thats a steal.
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