Ok, so I bought my first ever pedal and hooked up and played the heck out of it today. It's a Danelectro Black Coffee pedal and I love it. The thing is, I sat and thought of the next song i should play with the volume still up and all of a sudden, i heard some redneck speaking through my amp and talking about a "mic" or something. Do pedals pick up some unknown signal I dont know about? Im freakeddd
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Ya, its just a radio signal that its picking up. my amp sumtimes dus that. I was tripping when mine did it the first time. just jiggle the chord or something like that.
Oh yeah dude that **** happens to me all the time. My amp picks up radio waves sent out from the locate station (I live under Seaton Hall in Jersey so its pretty metal that it picks up WSOU...) but anyway it's normal I believe...
lol you sure you didn't hear the tv on somewhere?
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You are picking up radio signals

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