Please check out a few recordings me and my band put up we are know by the name of "Bliss"
No drums or vocals, sorry for the inconvenience, we only have recording equipment for guitar and bass, but check it out nevertheless.


Please leave a comment and i will comment back
please comment on as many songs as you can.
and if you could, please rank the songs from favorite to lease favorite, just so we can get an idea of what you think of the songs.

hey man thanks for the comments on "came undone." you guys are good musicians, that's for sure. i listened to "life in parody," very nice, can't wait 2 hear w/ vocals. "confliction," great bass line. i listened to one more and then i decided you guys need to add some acoustic guitar. also, on the rhythem electric, there was constant strumming throughout most of the songs... maybe it's just me but i think some of the best moments in a song occur in the dynamic between loud and really soft. here's a hint, when a loud song gets really quiet, it forces the listener to listen harder. just something i've learned through my own stuff.
Theres some decent riffs there just screaming for some drums, the recordings wern't great but there are some potentialy really good songs. It just needs vocals and a drums of course. I'd say just invest some money into some better recording gear. Overall good work
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Songs were cool. I'd put in electronic drums if i were you or invest in some more equipment. Over all it was good, and the songs sound like they'd sound great once they're complete.
Not really diggin it to be honest. Sound of the guitar at start is harsh, even more so when the chords come in. A problem for me was that you basically have a track of rhythm guitar with no melody.

If you feel like listening https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=796639
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Hey man thanks for the crit. Not really what I usually listen to (I'm a bluesman at heart), but I listened to Life in Parody, you've got some cool ideas going on. It'd sound much better with drums and stuff though, and the recording quality doesn't quite do your song justice. Sounds like it'd be pretty cool when completed.

EDIT: And if you get the time, care to check my Little Wing cover I posted on the same day?

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