This is a question directed more towards jazz guitarists, but it is a general music theory/improv question. I am trying to be able to solo over a rhythm changes song like Anthropology in the bebop style. By that I mean making eight note lines with chord tones on the strong beat and leading into chords with half notes. If anyone is familiar with rhythm changes then you would know that there are two chords for measure and the songs using them are played at break neck speed. I'm just wondering how you would improv over these changes in a bebop style when it just goes by too fast to think of the notes in your head. So far I have written out some lines but that's all I have and I run out of ideas quickly. Any advice would be appreciated.
12 fret fury
I bascailly just listen for the base drum or the cymble or the rolls.
Genaerally a roll will tell me to change or a change is coming.

It took me while to get use to crazy off beats or up beats of some
Jazz druming. I bascailly just disreguard the off beat and just play
right through it until the base drum comes around again.

i had to listen to the drum track over and over again to get the feel
of it..but bascailly the first beat of a measure starts off with a base drum
or a crash

here's me just improvising over a jazz drum beat

for jazz and especially bebop you should try not to accent the strong beat, because the drums will not be playing on them, everything is swung and syncopated and if you are unfamiliar with this then i do not recommend learning how to do that with anthropology thats quite a hard tune. and when you are soloing in jazz think about the chords first but do not forget the original melody. coming back to the melody during your solo will help guide you through the improve part. The solo is still part of the song and should relate to the melody
do not listen to ordinary too that advice of just waiting to hear the bass drum come back is idiotic, and that video might be some of the worst playing i have ever heard, good god ordinary have you listened to that thing? stop giving advice please im asking again
play it slower. You already know what to do (approach chord tones that land on strong beats)

Play it slow enough that you CAN think of the notes and arpeggios as you play. This takes concentration.

Practice this; it'll get faster.