So yesterday I broke my D string, right? I then restrung it today and, lo and behold, my D string breaks again. So I have to open my other pair of strings and take out another D string. I string it again and it seems stable. I then think, "what the hell," and restring the rest of my strings. So I tune it up and start playing Hangar 18, right? And then my G string breaks...

So I humbly ask the residents of UG for help diagnosing my guitar problem. If it matters, my guitar is this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Vintage-Mahogany-Electric-Guitar-103371357-i1149476.gc So unless this is all some sort of tragic mishap and I'm just very unlucky, Im thinking it has something to do with the guitar itself.
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First of all, when you replace one string, replace them all. If one broke, that means more are soon to follow, also the new string (s) will sound much brighter than the old ones.

Second, its generally bad to "tune up." Standard is as high as you should go and still expect string life to be decent.

Are you playing with 9's? Go buy 10's or 11's.

Also, feel the saddles on your bridge, are they rough? Is the string breaking at the bridge, the nut, in the middle? That will help you find your problem.
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your problem is most likely your bridge or saddle. i'm not sure how to fix this but idk if u have pics maybe or anybody u know that can look at it?
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Well, I did replace all of them at the same time. And by "tuning up", I meant I tune it to standard (EADGBE).