I dont really care which u do as long as i get help. If anyone has any songs or song titles. If anyone can help me with some of my songs. I have a blog about my songs in my band profile but so far I dont have a single complete song. I need help with everything! Mostly writing lyrics because i suck at it. Or drum parts cuz i dont play drums. So lyrics would help the most but anything, guitar riffs, chords, bass parts, rythm lead guitar anything. PLZ HELP

Song NamesThese r just names none of these have a single part in any instrument yet) Eclipse, Graffiti, Inferno, Blurr, and radioactive.

Songs that have guitar parts but thats it: Simple, Lighten up.

Thanx to everyone and anyone who helps out even a little.
Oh also I will take any advice hints or tips for writing lyrics and songs and riffs
wait so all u have is song titles?
umm ure kinda approaching it from the wrong angle
and drum beats are never a problem
drums and bass adn piano parts pretty much always come last
if u want me to see some of ure lyrics i can help u with suggestions
and try recording yourself or even riding down the riffs if u have a good one
no some songs up their r just titles the others have guiatr parts already written out and done, the 1's that are names r just names that sound good and might be made to a song, i dont have lyrics tho cuz thats what im having trouble with
ure going at this backward
either start with the riff and then add lyrics
or start with lyrics and than do chords
it dosent make sense to do lyrics first because u need the lyrics to be about that then
and then ure going to have to write an entire song about an eclipse
ps total eclipse of the heart?
lolz..... only song for me
eclipse is already a song by pink floyd but wat the heck as long as its different
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