Here are yet another set of riffs. Its already a song but i gotta finish tabbing it. I was just wondering if its crappy or awesome. Its C4C so leave a link to ur piece
Thrash Riff 4.gp5 ver 2.zip
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Not really my style, but I actually don't mind it. Simple but effective.

- The intro riff was great. It really sets a mood for the rest of the piece - fkn aggressive. Although I find that it went a little too long. All in all it was quite well constructed.

- The next riff reminded me a bit of Slayer - it continued from the previous riff very nicely.

- The single guitar part following this was put in place very well - might be good for a pre verse

- And of course, the next riff would be a decent verse, IMO at least.

I know my crit sucks, this is my first, but all in all I think you've done rather well. I might upload a section of one of my songs for you to crit in return
Hm. Seems to be a little too much going on between the two guitars that doesn't fit/flow together if you ask me.