So for my birthday my grandparents gave me a 50 dollar musiciansfriend gift card.

I just bought new strings for all my guitars and basses a couple weeks ago so thats not a need.

In your opinion, whats the best guitar or bass accessory I can buy?

Or better yet, a slide and some cables.
A nice stand?
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New kidney!

Nah, get new cables.
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strap locks? or you can never have too many cables. or picks.

recording interface? good luck!
stock up on the essentials. cables, picks, strings and maybe a backup strap. i had a strap break on my bass once so i had to sit and play the whole time and couldn't get into a good rhythm.
GAS List:
strap locks or a cable or some picks or a strap or tuners
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t00bs! Provided that you have a tube amp.
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I say save it and get something you really need later
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I say save it and get something you really need later


the hardest, but best thing to do. don't spend money
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Save it until you need strings or something. Either that, or get something small you need, like better quality cables, a better stand, some electronics for your guitars, etc.
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Save it til you need something important. Don' go wasting it just because you have it.