I don't have microsoft word. i use open office, a free downloadable word processor.

in order to open up Open Office slideshow files, i need to use a computer that has Open Office.

at my school, the computers cannot download open office, they only have microsoft office.

so in order for me to present a slideshow i made on open office, i need to bring the open office program to my school via flash drive.

however, i don't know whether to put the installation file into my flash drive or to copy the open office folder from my "program files" folder onto the flash drive.

which one works?


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You can save it as a .ppt file (Go to save as...) Then you can open it up in Powerpoint.
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Download word off a torrent? Then you'll never have a problem.

OpenOffice is better then word, imo.

And you can save it in .ppt, which is the powerpoint format
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