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Ok, if you remember the settings thread thingy this is about the same guy.So a good friend of mine and my asshole friend were fighting about if Pantera's domination is a easy or intermediate song to handle.One friend says that it is to easy song and everyone at school will laugh because of the easiness of it (he hasn't even tried to played the song BTW) so UG I need your opinion on the song and yes, they are acting like babies I know.
I think it's intermediate, but I'm not that great of a guitar player so...
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i guess it depends if youre talking riffing or soloing, and who your talking to, i don't find it that hard, but i recall learning it was a bITch
yeah, its an easy song but who cares? the only people that will know that are other musicians in the audience. Its a good song to play live cuz it gets the fans going and you can be crazy on stage cuz its easy to play
Just about all panteras guitar parts are fairly easy.
the solos are pretty much intermediate.
^Compared to Necrophagist, maybe. The key to learning the Domination intro riff (and several other main Pantera riffs) for a semi-beginner is to relax your picking hand. In case someone's having problems.
i picked hard, only b/c Dime himself said thats a tough song for him to play live
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