I know that I probably should post this in the tube thread, but responses are slow sometimes, and I just want a quick answer.

Anyways, I know I want to swap out the power tubes in my chicago blues box roadhouse (a single channel clean amp). Anyways, what change in tonality would changing out the preamp tubes from JJ's to Tungsols do? Even when i'm using mainly power tube overdrive, will preamp tubes make a tonal difference? And, what would it do to the trem and reverb (both tube driven)?
How about the rectifier tube too? Is that worth changing?

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Depending on whats there, it may be worth changing. JJ's sound kinda dark, so a new set of pre-amp tubes might brighten the tone a bit. If you want more clean head room, try a lower gain tube, like a 12AT7 in V1. Bob from Eurotubes had some great recommendations on rectifier tubes. What kind of tubes drive the trem and reverb?

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