While on facebook, i come across this: haha omgg, you pictured right.
that was exactly what i was doing.
woww haha!
yippy is sucha random word.
but i love it..
bahaha. i am soo boredd.
and my tummy hurts.
rawrrrr. lol awhhhh.
thats sad, that happened to one of my camera.
but i was cold and my cousin threw my purse and it went....
it's broken:P..
then i was like biotch please.
then i got a new one.
and it never broke yet.
i dropped it so muchh..
i really wish my phone would break so i can get a new one!
its soo ugly and old haha

This is a comment on someones wall by a grade 9 girl at my school. Do you think a person could be authentically that stupid that they would write that ****?

If you want I can show you other wall posts as well.

EDIT: The purpose of this thread is to create a discussion on the authenticity of peoples intelligence or lack of. Do you believe people really have that level of intelligence that that is how they would write..
Also its for the lulz
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see the problem began at "While on facebook"

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I dont car i guess you dint have facebook. I tshows up on your home page. And to the other guy, i dont care that much, but it sort of baffled my mind. But whatever, judge.
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You might just be stupid for caring.

Fo sho.

By stupid do you mean uneducated or incapable of learning? This girl's simply communicating, and if she understands and her intended recipient understands, what's the problem?

EDIT: If you feel discouraged that there's a lack of intelligence here.
Don't you worry death_rider, it's really bursting at the seams.
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Fo sho.

By stupid do you mean uneducated or incapable of learning? This girl's simply communicating, and if she understands and her intended recipient understands, what's the problem?

I dont htink the purpose of this thread is clear. I'm not judging her, or anything along those lines. Im just commenting on the fact thatpeople make themselves stupid. But i was wondering if others though it was legitimate
Thats ****ing funny
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Well I think we have to ask ourselves why she writes like that. It clearly conveys enthusiasm, I don't know exactly what else she was going for. Hitting the shift key can be a hassle if it's not a habit and transitory phrases are a bitch in general, so her writing may be so for the sake of convenience too. I see nothing stupid there.
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
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Man, that might be the answer. Now that i think, its a major possibility
People need to stop saying random.
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She's a ninth grader, they think being "hyper" is hilrious.

Those people irritate the **** out of me.
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She thinks she's interesting and clever. Let the baby have her bottle.
I see a rich, detailed, layered story in that comment....guess you're just too stupid to see it