Poll: fender noiseless or texas specials
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fender noiseless
1 10%
texas specials
9 90%
Voters: 10.
Get a set from Corduroy_EW on the forums.

Both the noiseless and TS sets are blah. The TS I actually liked, but they're overpriced, and there's so many better choices. I just hated the noiseless set.
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TS are sick, overpriced.

the noiseless sound like junk, but they are noiseless.

who gives a crap about noiseless. strats are built for positions 2 and 4 anyways.
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id probably go with 50's/60's style pickups personally. the noisless dont seem to have the right sound to me and i never found TS to be anything special plus they are expensive. to me it just seems like another way to make money off of SRV. people want to sound like him so they buy his sig guitar or put those pickups in when really you dont need either to get his tone. im not sure if thats why you want them or not. but between those two options id say the TS's. i have played the SRV strat before so thats my only experience with the TS's. they sounded good but imo, not THAT much different than regular ones. it was a long time ago though. but i dont remember being "wow'd" by them or anything. but i guess a pro for them would be that they have higher output i think. so if thats what you want then id say go for that. and pros for the noisless are well....obviously they are noisless. but con is the tone is different.

there are also many other single coil pickups out there that are more than liekly better than those. just look on the web for strat replacement pickups.
Neither, check out some others like the Fender '69 Custom Shop or some Seymour Duncans.
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don't get the standard fender noisless pickups, they are a bit lifeless. the 'hot' samarium cobalt noiseless pickups are pretty good though, i have some on a strat deluxe.
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see, my strat has a duncan jb jr in the bridge, and i like the single coil bridge sound. so maybe even just one really great single coil bridge pickup is what im lookin for? i have lace sensors (gold) in the mid and neck, and im pretty happy with them.